Sustainability Plan

Our Sustainability Vision

The Central New Brunswick Woodmen's Museum is a model of efficiency, sustainability and environmental responsibility for our visitors, youth, staff, volunteers and community.

We strive:

  • To reduce our consumption of energy, water and other resources by practicing efficiency in all we do
  • To minimize solid waste through responsible purchasing, comprehensive recycling and composting
  • To purchase goods and services from sustainable sources and suppliers
  • To educate our visitors, staff, volunteers and community about sustainability and environmental best practices through our actions and exhibits
  • To foster a culture of sustainability and continuous improvement among our staff, volunteers and community
  • To communicate our progress and success stories to our visitors, staff, volunteers and community
  • To serve as a positive and motivating example to other museums and community institutions


Our Guiding Principles

  • As a not-for-profit, community-based organization, we will work within our financial means. We will focus upon and prioritize practical, realistic actions that will make the most significant difference.
  • The museum’s primary mission is to showcase the economic and environmental importance of forests, past, present and future; our activities should be consistent, either directly or indirectly, with this mission
  • Sustainability is a journey as well as a destination; we are committed to learning, taking action and leading by example
  • Education is one of our core functions, and is most effective when people are engaged and having fun
  • We aspire that this Sustainability Policy be applied to all activities and events on the museum site, including special events hosted on our premises
  • We welcome the ideas, creativity and other resources of our staff, volunteers and community
  • We partner and collaborate wherever possible for ideas, best practices, funding and other resources
  • We are committed to integrity, accountability, transparency and continuous improvement
  • Our team members are most engaged and productive when we maintain a positive, motivating atmosphere in all of our operations
  • We will measure and report our progress annually