• To create, maintain, and operate a museum that embodies our rich heritage and the interconnectedness of our community with nature.
  • To construct and preserve representative structures and facilities that illustrate the history and significance of lumbering and forest harvesting in our area.
  • To compile, safeguard, and exhibit objects and data that reflect the history of central New Brunswick, with a specific focus on our woodland heritage and forestry-related activities.
  • To interpret the evolving relationship between humanity and nature in an era marked by rapid technological progress, industrial expansion, and changing lifestyles.
  • To deliver and support educational programs relevant to our missions.
  • To facilitate historical research and opportunities.
  • To collaborate with other museums, educational institutions, and similar organizations.
  • To foster respect for our regions' heritage and inspire a sense of responsibility towards its future.
  • To work toward the betterment of our community.
  • To participate in government and community projects and activities.

In all that we do, we remain committed to this mandate, as it encapsulates our vision, values, and the impact we aim to make in central New Brunswick. It is a privilege to carry out this mission alongside each one of you. Let’s continue to honor our past, celebrate & share our future in a manner that upholds our unique heritage and promotes the sustainability of our region.