New Brunswick Waterfalls


Fall Brook Falls

Height: 108 Feet

Location: Near Rocky Brook (New Brunswick)

Fee: $10 per vehicle at gate

It takes 40-45 to drive to the entrance of the falls from the Woodmen's Museum in Boiestown, NB.

Note: This is a rugged hike and good footwear is a must - take water and snacks!

Directions to Fall Brook Falls from the Woodmen's Museum

Directions to Fall Brook Falls

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Fall Brook Falls

"Fall Brook Falls, on the Miramichi River in New Brunswick... it's just perfect for visiting on a family outing, nature at its most exuberant and without the crowds of more famous destinations. Better yet, it's only one of hundreds of relatively unsung attractions in that province and one of thousands cross the country, scenes of beauty, sometimes breathtaking, that are taken for granted by locals and hardly known to visitors"

- The Toronto Star