New Brunswick Lumberjack Championship

NB Lumberjack Championships

Each year, athletes from all over the Maritimes compete at the Central NB Woodmen's Museum on the second weekend in August. Spectators commute to the museum excited to watch as professional Lumberjacks and Lumberjills compete in the spring-board chop, vertical chop, crosscut, boom run and much more. It is a full day of family and friends competing at a professional level, and yet cheering each other on and offering stories of what it is like to compete at such an intense level. These are renowned competitors that have traveled across the world and have been victorious in claiming lumber sport titles. It is a great show to watch, and we look forward to hosting this championship in August 2023!

Brittany MacLean- Bow Saw 11
Doug Armsworthy + Ryan Cameron- Crosscut Saw 6