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12. Sawmill (Temporarly Closed)

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13. Blacksmith Shop  The Black Smith was a very important person to the lumber industry and to the residents of the area. In his hot and dusty shop the Black Smith could be found making anything from horse shoes to door hinges. Using raw iron, a coal fired hearth, and the anvil a skilled black smith could make many items the community needed. 

Displayed here in this shop you will find many of the tools the black smith used in his craft and also some of the items he was called on to make. Can you name all the items on display here?

The building it self is shows the use of building materials that were found in this area in the early 1900. The logs were cut and pealed . Next they were notched and then put together in the shape of the building. Doorways and window opening were cut out as the walls were built. The opening between the logs were filled with moss from the forest floor. The dirt floor is to address the fire hazard of the black smith shop

H. H. Hood & Sons Blacksmith Shop
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H. H. Hood & Son Blacksmith Shop

14. Pitsaw  Before the days of the saw mill the pit saw was the way that the lumbermen provided a finished product. A log was placed on the pit saw rack. Using a cross cut saw, one man on top and the other under, they were able to produce different sizes of timber. Everything from squared timbers to boards were made this way.

Pitsaw Small

15. Boathouse  The Boathouse is now in the construction stage. When construction is finished various types of boats that were used on the Miramichi River will be on display.

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