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5. Cookhouse-Bunkhouse-Dingle. In the back woods of the Miramichi river valley the lumber camp was the way of life for many of the lumber men. The lumber companies of the time constructed many of these camps. In the days that the only transportation over land were by foot or horse the importance of having a shelter for the lumber crews was very important. 

The lumber men would often live in these camps for months at a time. Working from sun up to sun down six days a week. These building provided all that was needed for the men at that time. The cook house with a good cook and cookie provided the meals. The meals served here were always hearty and always included bakes beans, fresh bread, meat and potatoes. The supplies were transported in by horse and wagon at least once a week. A good cook was a must for a happy and productive camp. Spirits of any kind were not allowed in the camps. The men were there to work and that was about it.

The sleeping quarters were very primitive but kept the men dry and warm most of the time. This was before the days of indoor plumbing so the dingle area provide the clean up area. Each man had his own bed and a small shelf to keep personal items on. The main forms of entertainment in these camps were folk stories and singing. Most camps also had a least one man who could preach a service on Sundays.

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6. The Forestry Building is is the home of the Woodmen's Hall of Fame. Located here you will find facts and information about the forest of the Miramichi and also the men that made it happen. The burn Stump of tree just outside the door of the forestry building is said to be from the Miramichi fire of October, 1825. 

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Miramichi Fire Exhibit
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NB Professional Forester's Hall of Fame
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Tree remaining from the Miramichi Fire
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NB Profession Forester's Hall of Fame

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