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TBM Avenger #14

Photo: Original TBM Avenger #14

The TBM Avenger Air Tanker #14 found its final home on Route 8 Highway, Boiestown, NB, Canada, across from the Central New Brunswick Woodmen's Museum.  Volunteers place the TBM Avenger #14 on its cement pad just prior to Victoria Day Weekend. 

The TBM Avenger Air Tanker #14 stands as a "Memorial to the Pilots" who have lost their lives working in the Forest Aviation Industry, and, as a "Tribute to the Forest" Industry of today.

Check Out the Video Below - Vernon Dunphy of Boiestown, Museum Board Member and Volunteer, talks to us about the History and Restoration of the TBM Avenger Air Tanker #14.

Photo: Restored TBM Avenger #14

In 2001, the Central New Brunswick Woodmen's Museum, Boiestown, NB, was successful in acquiring a damaged Grumman TBM Avenger Water Bomber from Forest Protection Limited.

The restoration work on the Grumman TBM Avenger Water Bomber began on January 5, 2002. The tail surfaces were recovered and a set of wings repaired for the static display.  During the summer of 2002, the tail was mounted on the Aircraft along with the main wings, water delivery system installed, and some cockpit instruments put in place.  The Fall and Winter of 2002, focused on the engine and related components of the aircraft.  Final preparations for the Airtanker took place in the Spring of 2003 with the painting process.

The TBM aircraft was built for military use during WWII, since then, the Avenger has had a long history with Atlantic Canada.  After Military service was done, civilian contractors bought the Avengers for use as aerial spray planes and water bombers, throughout Canada.

TBM Avenger #14 was carefully restored by a dedicated group of volunteers and on June 12, 2004 the Central New Brunswick Woodmen's Museum celebrated the completion of the TBM Avenger #14 Project.




The Central New Brunswick Woodmen's Museum, Inc. would like to say "Thank You" to all of the dedicated Volunteers, who gave so generiously of their time, to help restore the TBM Avenger #14 for the enjoyment of others.

Video of TBM Avenger #14 being moved out to its cement pad for the enjoyment of all and Vernon Dunphy of Boiestown talking about the TBM Avenger and the restoration of the air tanker #14. 

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